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About Us

Exotic Echo is an organization which has worked for more than a decade now to revive the slowly dying and vanishing ancient art of textile weaving called the loinloom or backstrap weaving.  Exotic Echo today has its own cotton production, organic dying, spinning, weaving, design and finishing facilities.

It's whole ecosystem from cultivation to finishing involves more than 200 people. 

Our Vision

Exotic Echo aims to become one of the world’s largest loinloom platforms which helps to provide grass-root level supplementary livelihood by leveraging existing traditions. It is slowly building up a network of volunteer associates and social entrepreneurs for the traditional skills of loinloom weaving worldwide. It hopes to change the lives of 6000 rural women in Northeast India by 2025 and 15000 rural women who still use the loinloom all over the world by 2031.

Social Mision

The mission is to mobilize a positive opinion amongst government policy makers in Nagaland / India and the discerning Indian / world citizen about this slowly vanishing form of textile weaving. Recognition by the state authorities and the common citizens will not only revive the art but also help raise the reasonable hope of creating a whole eco system which leads to the creation of supplementary income generation for more than 6000 women in Northeast India and 15000 worldwide. Exotic Echo aims to integrate all these loin loom/back-strap practicing geographies into one common platform. 

This form of weaving today exists only in India’s Northeast, selected pockets in Southeast Asia, and in Latin American regions of South Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia.

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